Civil Rights Inspired Photograph

This photograph was inspired by the SNCC’s sit-ins practice. The sit-ins were some of the tactics used by the SNCC in order to provoke a change. Just like the other activist groups the SNCC’s protest strategy was being non-violent towards the white supremacists in hopes that they would sympathies with the Civil Rights activists. The sit-ins consisted of groups of young activists who would go into public areas of Southern states where people of color weren’t allowed to be seen due to the white folks being there. Once the SNCC members would sit in those areas they would get harassed, and beaten by the white supremacists, in order to stay calm the SNCC members had to practice being mistreated. This picture shows a black person (me) practicing being beat by white people without reacting to the harassment.

In order to make this photograph I asked two of my friends to pose as if they were hitting me. I used our history classroom to simulate the sit-ins practice rooms, but the angle at which the picture was taken doesn’t show that I was sitting on a chair and it also doesn’t show my friends’ faces. I chose to use a black and white filter to make the situation look as authentic as possible, because with colors my facial expression would have looked a little less serious as I am not a good actress. One of my attentions while taking the picture was to look as if I was giving my cheek to Natalia, so that it would look like I am willing to get slapped and stay calm. I think the fact that the photograph takes place in a classroom makes it look more real, because the sit-ins had a major impact on colleges due to the white supremacists who wouldn’t let black student attend classes in the South.

The Historical Significance Of The Treaty Of Versailles And The Collective Security

The Treaty of Versailles was introduced by the victorious Allies, in 1919. The most important people in this treaty were Woodrow Wilson, George Clemenceau, and George Lloyd, they were the leaders of the U.S., France, and Britain. I think that we should learn about them, because the treaty of Versailles is behind some of the causes of the next conflicts that resulted into WWII. This post will be about the treaty in general, and the collective security organized by the League of Nations.

Versailles Treaty

During the treaty the Allies had an assembly to determine what Germany’s punishment would be, and what the reward for the smaller nations who helped would be. During the treaty the Big Three decided that Germany would lose its colonies, the French territories they took over during WWI, and part of their own country. The different leaders had different goals for the treaty. Clemenceau’s goal was to weaken Germany to make sure that France wouldn’t get attacked again. Lloyd’s goal was to get revenge from the German, by paying for the reparations. Woodrow’s goal was to create a more united world, by creating the League of Nations. With Germany’s punishment came the new boundaries of the world. Every countries were being re-created by the Big Three. The countries allied with Germany didn’t benefit from the change. The League of Nations was then adopted by the European countries, but not the U.S. unlike what Woodrow wanted. The treaty of Versailles is significant, because the new boundaries created caused some conflicts in between the countries, because of the territorial losses.

Collective Security

The League of Nations would organize a collective security to solve a conflict or stop a battle. The collective security had four principles: one for for all and all for one, all the members must provide any resources needed for a collective security, physical violence is only used for self-defense, attacking the enemy is only done to restore peace. In this collective security only the permanent members had the right to veto. Meaning that only France, Britain, Italy, Japan, and Germany could oppose a resolution. This type of security didn’t work as well as it was planed, because all the members had different goals. This was the case for Japan and China. The Japanese took over some Chinese territory, China didn’t appreciate that action and an assembly was made for this situation. Japan vetoed against the resolutions that were proposed for two years, until a secret assembly was made without the presence of Japan. When Japan found out about the secret assembly the situation became much more worse than it already was. The collective security is significant, because it shows how the relationship between the nations changed over time to the point where it started causing conflicts that resorted into WWII.

How Significant Is Industrialization In WWI

For this blog post I will be talking about the significance of industrialization during WWI. I think it’s really important to learn about the kind of technology that was used before. Because our kind of technology today is inspired from the one used in the past. When talking about WWI people don’t usually think about planes and submarines, because they tend to be associated with WWII. They mainly think about the kind of guns that were being used.

The U-boats and Other Ships

The U-boats and Q-ships were designed for war at sea, but all the ships were not entirely safe for the soldiers, and certain boats lacked some important qualities for war. The nations with the potential of producing many boats had an advantage, because they could keep on sending new boats if the old ones were destroyed. This was the case for Britain, their ships were fast and powerful, but they could target the enemy’s ship properly, putting the British ship in danger. On the other hand the German ships could magnify a target, but it didn’t help that much since the British ships were fast, powerful, and too many in quantity. Today submarines are a lot more safer and powerful. Because there is no toxic gas inside the ship, and it can support more soldiers and perform a lot more better than the U-boats and Q-ships.

Getting information about some of the technology used during the time period of WWI wasn’t easier back then, because some information could have been falsified to empower a certain nation, and not many people could have access to that kind of knowledge. Today text books talk about most of the technology used during that time period, but it is still until today, very hard to find details about some of the technology. Because those were objects which are very old, and partially lost due to war.

How Significant Was The Second Balkan War and the July Crisis

Today I’ll be talking about how the second Balkan War and the July Crisis are significant event in history. I think we learn about the 1913 Balkan War and the 1914 July Crisis, because it gives us a better understanding of how the alliance system works, and how if a conflict is neglected it can turn into a bigger one, in this case WWI. These events are mostly remembered for being the root of WWI, because the July Crisis was a result of the second Balkan War not being completely solved, therefore leaving a tension between Austria-Hungary and Russia, the tension kept building up until the begging of WWI.

Second Balkan War (1913)

The Balkan War of 1913, is important because it shows how much of an important role imperialism played into the cause of WWI. During the Balkan War of 1912 Austria-Hungary and Russia were in a disagreement about who should get the Ottoman’s territory. The reason behind their interest in that land, was to expend their power and territory they had lost in previous battles. Countries with less power such as Greece, Serbia, and Bulgaria made the Balkan League in order to take over the Balkan before Austria-Hungary. Imperialism is what brought those countries of a lesser power together to be able to fight back a greater country like Austria-Hungary. What started the second Balkan War, was Bulgaria declaring war to Serbia and losing it along with its territories in the Balkan. Almost all the actions made during any of the Balkan wars were based on imperialism, because all the countries who tried to gain territory in the Balkan wanted it to expend their power in the world. The only participants of the second Balkan War who didn’t want to expend their territory were: France, Britain, and Germany. Those nations were only backing up their allies to ensure their own protection in case they got attacked. Their involvement into that war shows that allies were really valued at that time. At the end of the second war there was still a lot of tension building up in between the two groups of alliances.

July Crisis (1914)

The July Crisis is an important series of events that happened each day leading to WWI. This event is very significant to WWI history, because it shows how the alliance system worked during war time, and how militarism is used to solve a bunch of little conflicts. On July 31, Russia had already mobilized its troops ready to go to war against Austrian who had declared war a few days ago to Serbia, Russia’s allie. This kind of quick response to Austria-Hungary’s war declaration could be described as militarism, because Russia doesn’t try to solve the issue between Serbia and Austria-Hungary in a diplomatic way, but rather go for war. July 31 could be an example of how alliance system works, but a better example of how alliances work is August 3 to August 12. Because Germany declared war to France then Britain declared war to Germany, like the Triple Entente agreed on. Austria-Hungary declares war to Russia, to protect Germany, like the Dual Alliance states that they should help each other out if one gets attacked by the enemies. France and Britain then declared war to Austria-Hungary to protect Russia. These war declarations tell us that in order for an allie to help, the other allie(s) must already be into war. Another example of militarism is August 3 when Germany invaded Belgium after being refused free-passage on the same day.

These two events are important depending on where and when a person has access to the events’ information. Because the information given might vary depending on the perspective the documents are written into. Like per example someone from Russia in 1919 after the war could write about the Balkan wars, and make Austria-Hungary sound like the nation to blame for WWI. When on the other hand someone who lives today could write about the Balkan wars without having to make a country look like the victim of another. And of course the reason why we have more access to information about WWI than 50 years ago is because we can get information from all perspectives very easily.


Janelle Monáe


Jason Merritt. Janelle Monàe. Photograph. The The Jan 20, 2016


For my second genius hour my topic was about the famous singer Janelle Monáe. I chose to do my genius hour about her because she does really good songs and I wanted to know more about her life before her career. While doing my genius hour I learned a lot about Janelle Monáe. Like how how her father was a garbage truck driver who sadly was also addicted to drugs and the fact that her mother was a janitor. And I also learned the reason why she wears black and white suits. It is because her parents wore uniforms to work and so that she does forget where she comes from she decided to wear an uniform during her performances. I think doing a genius hour about Janelle Monáe helped myself grow as a person because she went from nothing to a big career and also that to be a singer musical can help.



Redenmas. Abstract Background with Colorful Music notes. Picture. Fotolia. Fotolia. Feb 9th, 2016


The difference between my first and second genius hour is that instead of doing it about a gender of music I did about a singer that I admire. I personally think that this genius hour helped me regaining confidence into myself. Because Janelle Monáe showed the world that whoever you are or whatever situation you are in you can be what you always wanted to be.  I don’t think my genius hour will help the world, but maybe some people especially me because it will always remind me that whatever happen there is still a way to make it to the top.

Here is a link to my genius hour presentation:

The impact of Media on the world

Media play an important role in our lives because it helps us know what is going on outside the country we are in. But now a days medias are accessible by anyone in the world. Because media comes in the form of pictures, videos, records, Facebook, Twitter and blog posts. People around the world use all of these kind of medias to show what’s happening at their place.

People today live with media almost all the time, and some of them live of media. Like per example the news at the Tv people watch them to be aware of what’s going on. But the journalist don’t only make that kind of media, they gain money from it. And the songs we all listen to are also medias but audio ones. Just like the journalists the singers too make money out of these medias. Same for Facebook and Twitter excepted that the persons who created the social network get the money of it and people who use it only get the views from the others users who might not be in the area as the editor of the post.

Medias kind of change the culture. I think that because some people tend to copy others ideas, which could change their culture or their point of view on their culture. But medias don’t only effect the culture in a wrong way, it allows to share our cultures with others and get to know more about each others.

Personally media is a part of my life too because I use a lot Instagram and Facebook to share what I feel like the others should be aware of  and get to know what’s going on in the world.

A bit about Queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti

[+]BizTravels. Queen Nefertiti. Photograph. Google. Google. Jan 11th, 2016

Queen Nefertiti was the great royal wife of Akhenaten, mother of six Egyptian princesses. Her and her husband were known for praying only one god, Aten. She had many titles like the Mistress of  Upper and Lower Egypt, Lady of all Women, Great king’s Wife. Not that much is known about Queen Nefertiti. But the fact that she was a powerful and a beautiful woman as her name says it makes many people interested about her. Some suggest that she was daughter or the niece of Ay last Pharaoh of the eighteenth Dynasty. Others say that she wasn’t from Egypt, but maybe from Syria. She was really supportive of the new religion her husband created that she changed her name to Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti which means ” Beautiful are the beauties of Aten, a beautiful woman has come. “. Unlike the other great royal wives of Pharaohs, Queen Nefertiti was the ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt just like her husband.

Now a days there is still searches on going about Queen Nefertiti. Lately an archaeologist found what could be Nefertiti’s mummy. And recently in August last year an archaeologist made a discovery that end the mysteries about the Lady of The Tow Lands.


G. Elliot Smith. The royal mummy. Photograph. Wikipedia. Google. Jan 13th, 2016

For more information:

Things to retain:

  • One of the greatest Egyptian Queen
  • Great royal wife but doesn’t have a son
  • Said powerful and beautiful
  • Created the Aten cult with her husband
  • A mummy found that could be her
  • August 2015 discovery


GH Connection With Twitter Experts

For my genius hour I had to follow at least ten experts in the topic I am doing on Twitter. To make it easier for me to find them when I need informations I created a list. I followed @raphahead ; @paul_dimaggio ; @giacbotta ; @MusicalUrbanism ; @EDMTutorials_ ( this account is no longer on Twitter ) ; @ carzoilus ; @MusicProducer_1 ; @CorbinReff ; @LeonardNevarez ; @MakeItInMusic. I followed them because they know a lot  about  Urban R&B, like per example informations about the vocals, the particularity of an Urban R&B beat,  the best Urban R&B singers and the difference between R&B and Urban R&B. They all relate to my genius hour project because my topic is about music. Some of them responded to my questions. @MusicalUrbanism suggested me a book about music “Top 40 Democracy, The rival mainstreams of American music” (Eric Weisbard). That book is helpful to me because it explains why Urban R&B and R&B are different, it’s helpful in my genius hour project because my topic is about Urban R&B. And also because I will have to explain what’s the difference between them.

Out of ten persons only two responded, @MusicalUrbanism and @EDMTutorials_. @MusicalUrbanism response was the most helpful of the two. None of the experts followed me back apart the one who already followed me before the twitter experts connection project. None of them offered more help, so I didn’t continue the conversations, beside that their answers to my question were not the kind of answer that create a conversation. I think I might use that way of find informations in the future for school projects that implies extremely good research, like in science class or social studies.

My Genius Hour Project

My genius hour topic was the Blues. I’m very interested into music, so that’s why I chose Blues like topic. 
At first I wasn’t really interest into the history of Blues, but then I started to love the Blues even more than I did   before. I learned a lot about it, like per example the Blues is a mix of African music and Folk music which is   European music, the R ‘n B, the Rock ‘n Roll, and the Hip hop were influenced by the Blues. And also how the  Blues took over the world during the 20th century, starting in the USA.

MLA: KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest


Based on my efforts and my learning I think my grade would be a B ( 84% ), because I chose a topic  in what I’m really interest in, and also cause what I shared with the class might have helped a bit the  ones who are really interested into music like me. In my next genius hour project the difference there will 
be into my presentation is going to be   more images or at least three images because it will be about music

MLA: Kiara


For my next genius hour project, I will maybe choose like topic the Gospel, or Hip hop, and maybe the Jazz. But for sure it’s going to be about music.

MLA: Wallpaper Joo

Here’s a link to my presentation :  My Genius Hour Project

Petit tour du Rwanda

MLA: wikipedia

Salut je suis rwandaise et je vais vous faire visiter un peu le Rwanda. Le Rwanda se situe au Sud Est de l’Afrique, il est entre la Tanzanie, la République Démocratique du Congo, le Burundi et l’Ouganda. Sa capitale est Kigali, mais je ne vais pas vous parler de la capitale. Je vais vous parler de Ruhengeri et de Gisenyi.


Cette ville attire les touristes, car ils doivent passer par Ruhengeri pour voir les gorilles des montagnes dans certaines régions voisines de la ville.

Mountain Gorilla View Loge MLA: Tripadvisor

Quand les gens viennent pour voir les gorilles ils peuvent loger au Mountain Gorilla View Loge.

MLA: Rwanda-gorillas


Gisenyi est l’une de mes villes préférées dans le Rwanda, a cause du lac Kivu et des magnifiques paysages, sans oublier les hôtels.


Vu du lac Kivu depuis une colline MLA: wikimedia


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